Things to know about our catering services:

Download our Catering agreement and email it to us or fill out the form on this page.

All info from the previous pages can be found on our web site.

All prices are current when we send the information to you, or what is agreed upon. You may change any food item, until 3 business days before.
If the item is more costly, a price change may be necessary, i.e. you change salmon to shrimps etc. If the substitute price is similar, no price change will occur.
Prices may change without any further notice. Special pricing is in effect for parties with less than the minimum guests for buffets etc.
We do cater for small dinner parties etc, for an hourly fee, plus the cost of the food.
For events, the price quoted is valid for the date agreed, or 60 days, also the price for estimated guest count is guaranteed up to – 10%. We charge 2% interest per month, for late payments.

Info order

  • Special services requested and promised: ie: Allergies and religious considerations
  • Location of event and address:



What services do we supply? (Certain services are subcontracted)

  • Food, non alcoholic and alcoholic beverages
  • Special food for guests with allergies, diabetes, celiac, heart conditions, and religious concerns, etc.
  • Servers, Bartenders and support staff.
  • Rentals from linen, cutlery, china to tents, AV, back drops, and theme decorations, etc.
  • We can provide Mormon, Kosher and Halal meals. (Orthodox Kosher limited menu) We pride ourselves with respecting any religion; please return the same courtesy to our staff.
  • Mobile kitchen.
  • Entertainment form live bands to DJ’s to clowns and Elvis Presley impersonators etc.
  • Games and inflatable games, clowns, and face painters etc.
  • Photographers and videographers.
  • Flowers and decorations.
  • Event and meeting setups.
  • Food service and menu consulting.
  • Cooking classes.
  • Out of town guest supports etc.
  • Printing invitations and brochures etc.

What we do NOT supply?

  • Hair styling
  • Make up,
  • Wedding dresses and Tuxedoes etc
  • Any illegal products (sorry, we have been asked. LOL)

Confirmation to secure our services:

  • For customers without a credit account, a 50% non refundable deposit is required. The deposit reserves the spot for you. (There are circumstances, when full payment is due 3 business days prior in full, by cash, certified check, money order or draft).
  • Minimum numbers of guests, guarantee, and menu selections, have to be confirmed 3 business days prior by noon. After this time, you may still increase, but not decrease the guest count.
  • It is your onus, to confirm the numbers by the deadline, other wise the existing guest count will apply.
  • You will be charged the minimum number, guarantee, or how many guests arrive, whatever is greater. It is in your interest to communicate with us, if you expect more guests. You pay for them regardless. It is your responsibility that all guests are on location.
  • For customers with a credit account, a 50% deposit is required for Wednesdays to Saturdays in the month of November and December for Christmas parties, New Years Eve, and the week before until after Stampede. A 50% deposit is also required, for events greater than $ 2000.00. Catering order can to be placed by phone, or email, AND confirmed by email.

Cancellation without credit account:

  • Events, cancelled less than 30 days prior, the whole invoice is due, minus services that can be cancelled. Once your event is confirmed, we decline other functions.
  • Once you paid the deposit, more than 30 days prior of your event, and cancel, we return the deposit, once we rebooked the date. The refund is directly proportioned with the size of the new event, minus services rendered and subcontractor cancellation fees.

Cancellation with credit account:

  • If a confirmed job is cancelled, less than 36 hours prior for business functions, etc, the 50% of the invoice is to be paid.
  • If a confirmed job is cancelled, less than 24 hours before, 75% is due.
  • If a confirmed job is cancelled, less than 12 hours before, 100% of the invoice is due.
  • Large or social events, less than 30 days prior, the whole invoice is due, minus services that can be cancelled. Once your event is confirmed, we decline other functions.
  • Once you paid the deposit, and cancel, more than 30 days of your event, we return the deposit, once we rebooked the date. The refund is directly proportioned with the size of the new event, minus services rendered and subcontractor cancellation fees.

Food criteria:

  • Leftover food cannot be left with the customer, due to health regulation. We have to have full control for food safety. It is a liability thing. It is your onus that all your guests arrive on location.
  • If your food is delivered and dropped off to your private residence, all food has to be discarded 3 hours after delivery.
  • Remember domestic refrigerators are not designed to cool food trough the danger zone (60C – 4 C centigrade, or 140F – 40F Fahrenheit) fast enough.
  • As we may make exceptions with certain food, i.e. cakes, we cannot mix any food, with pathogens (micro organisms that can make you sick or kill you), with food supplied by customers.
  • Midnight buffets can be ordered from us, or a store near the place of the event. We will pick it up for you, at no charge, just to keep it safe. This service only applies if we service your event. Please note, some stores, i.e. Costco close at 6 PM weekends. Please order and prepay your party platters at a nearby Safeway, CO-OP, Sobey’s, or other store.
  • Buffets: We will never run out of food, however we may run out of a certain item, if it is more popular than others, with your guests. We can feed at least 10% more guests than the minimum guarantee, but we will charge you for it, if needed.

Beverages Alcoholic:

  • We are licensed by the ALGC; therefore we can sell alcoholic beverages. We can serve alcohol at any approved venue, but some outdoor events have to be fenced in. If you have a valid special occasion permit, available at any Liquor Store. You may supply your own alcohol. HOMEMADE WINE AND BEER CANNOT BE SERVED IN A PUBLIC VENUE.
  • Full bar setup can be supplied by us, including pop (Pepsi products), premium OJ, Cranberry juice, ice, Lemon, Lime, Celery salt, jiggers, disposable glasses, cork screws, etc at a fee. Just ask for your favorites. There is a charge for this service. Depending of the event, time of year, etc. for an all night wedding, the charge is $ 5.00 per guest for all non alcoholic drinks, splits etc all night. This price is for consumption during your event only. Any leftovers are the property of A Splendid Affair Catering

What is included in our prices?

  • All the food as per menu, (some substitution may be required due to availability or inferior quality, and replaced with a similar product) deliveries in town, minimum order value applies in different parts of the city, i.e. Downtown $250.00, Shawnessy $350.00. Please ask what applies to your location. Loadin and loadout, setup, or delivery to the location, and with served buffets, 2 hours of chef service, or a second trip to pickup our equipment. After the 2 hours, regular labour rate applies. The 2 hours start when you tell us the food to be served.
  • All our equipment, i.e. chafing dishes, serving utensils and hotel ware (salad bowls, platters etc) or disposable party trays.
  • Disposable plates and cutlery
  • For weddings etc, a 2 hour planning meeting at our office, recommended, or a mutual convenient place.

What is NOT included:

  • Extra chefs for plating
  • Chefs for action stations
  • Severs and Bartenders, provided by Waiters on the Run, or any other agency
  • Use of our liqueur license, liability insurance, and control items like wrist bands etc.
  • Deliveries in Calgary when minimum has not been met
  • Out of town we delivered from Winnipeg to Vancouver. $0.50 k for vans plus $0.50 k for the mobile kitchen, $0.35 k for mini vans, $0.50 k for mini van and small trailer, plus standard hourly labour of each staff, and                                           accommodations if required due to times and locations. Accommodations have to be clean and as close as possible. 3 Star is fine.
  • Other support staff required on location
  • Real china, glass and silver ware, subcontracted from Table Talk or Good Time Party Rentals,, etc at cost. You are responsible for any loss or breakage, as if you would have ordered it yourself.
  • Ice and butter sculptures etc. please refer to the cocktail reception menu.
  • Other non food supplies.
  • Event planning meetings, after the first one.
  • Event planning, other than food and china catering requirements
  • Disbursements, entrance fees, printing, etc.
  • Entertainment, DJ’s, bands etc.
  • O.C.A.N fees (Society of composers. Authors and music publishers of Canada), if applicable
  • AV supplies, power podium, TV’s, digital and overhead projectors, DVD players, VCR, etc.
  • Decorations supplies and labour.
  • GST, other fees and taxes
  • Catering halls, and venue rentals. These fees have to be prepaid in full. You are also responsible for cost overruns i.e. cleaning fees, damages, overtime etc.


  • The customer is responsible, to provide a safe environment for all guests, and our staff, on any location. We cannot be held liable for any injuries, however severe, caused by any action, negligent or not, of any subcontractor, yourself or your guests, or anyone else.
  • Allergies: All forms leaving the office has a box named allergies. It is your responsibility to let us know. We rate allergies 1 getting woozy, to 10 the neck swells up and the person is dead in 5 min. Any allergies greater than 5, we like to eliminate that food, due to cross contamination, at the buffet table (a guests uses the same serving spoon for different dishes etc) as we do our best, we cannot control your guests.
  • To serve alcohol in any public place, a company, park, community centre etc, you require a Special Occasion Permit, available at any liqueur store, or the use of our liqueur license. Please note, your liability insurance, will not cover you for events, serving alcohol in a public place.
  • It is your liability, that your guest, don’t over consume alcoholic beverages. You have to deal with any offenders. It is also wise, that your guest have a save way home, i.e. accommodations, Taxis, designated drivers etc. Our staff is not permitted to serve alcohol to anyone who seems intoxicated.
  • If our liquor license is involved in any way, we will purchase liability insurance, for alcohol service, at your expense. The fee is about $200.00 per day, and has to be prepaid in full. If we sell alcoholic beverages by the glass, and minimum guarantee has been met, we will pay for the insurance. Please note, your liability insurance, will not cover you for events, serving alcohol in a public place.
  • If you use our liqueur license, we will card anyone looking under 30 years of age. We require a form singed by you, giving us the right to enforce the liquor laws of Alberta, not limited to discard any alcohol brought in by your guests, or a guest allowing a minor to consume alcohol.
  • It is your liability that our staff is not mentally, sexually, physically, or in any other way, harassed or abused, by you or your guests.
  • For Special services and sub-contractors, we are only the agent and not liable for no shows, missing items, late arrivals, etc.
  • China rentals: we are only the agents and not liable for unreasonable breakage, i.e. Greek wedding when everybody breaks the plate. The rental company requires reasonable access to all venues for delivery and pickup of their equipment.
  • We are not liable, if we do not have reasonable access to a venue.
  • We are not liable for delays due to weather, traffic, accidents, hold up by previous deliveries, etc. We do our best if weather is inclement, to leave our kitchens in due time.
  • We are not liable for any cleaning fees, provided, we leave the venue in reasonable conditions, at the time we leave.
  • As we operate under the health laws of Alberta, our staff will do anything catering related, but not walking dogs, changing diapers, cleaning washrooms etc. If a washroom attendant is required, a staff member will be hired for the sole purpose of such jobs.

Special requirements for food:

  • We are sensitive to prepare meals for special ethnic groups, i.e. Mormons, Muslims, Jewish guests etc.
  • We take special care for guests with special food requirements for medical reasons i.e. allergies, celiac, heart patients, diabetics etc.