Breakfast Menu



Halal and kosher meal preparations are available upon request.

Please note, even so we cater for smaller groups, pricing is based for a minimum of 15 guests. Certain breakfast selections require a minimum of 25 guests. Please inquire for pricing with smaller groups. Delivery charges may apply.

Coffee, Cream, & Sugar, is 1.50, Per guest, minimum 10 guests.

Yogurt, Berry & Granola Parfait, is 3.00, Per guest, minimum 10 guests.

Fresh Fruit tray is 3.00, Per guest, minimum 10 guests.

The basic Continental

Assorted Muffins, Danish, Cinnamon Buns, Croissants, Doughnuts, Butter and Preserves, please make your choices, or let us select.

6.00 Per guest

The Continental

Assorted Muffins, Danish, Cinnamon Buns, Croissants, Doughnuts, Butter and Preserves, please make your choices, or let us select. Also included are a selection of 2 juices, Cereals and Milk. Please substitute Cereals and Milk with more sweet Buns.

9.00 Per guest

The Continental Deluxe

Same Continental, with fresh fruit tray and yogurt

11.00 Per guest

The Canadian Breakfast

Contains, scrambled Eggs, Ham, Bacon, and Sausages, Hash-browns, plus a selection of Muffins, Danishes, and Croissants, etc. including a choice of 2 types of Juices.

12.00 Per guest

The hungry Beat Breakfast

Breakfast, is combining, the Continental Deluxe, with the Canadian Breakfast.

Ideal for “Lumber Jacks or Rough Necks”

14.50 Per guest

The Calgary Breakfast

The Canadian breakfast, but in lieu of sweet Buns you get Pancakes and Syrup

12.00 Per guest

The Belgium Breakfast

The Canadian Breakfast, but in lieu of sweet Buns you get Belgium Waffles, Syrup, fresh macerated Berries and real “Moo Cow” Whipping Cream

15.00 Per guest

The Alberta Breakfast

The Calgary Breakfast, but in lieu of the Bacon, Sausages and Ham you get a 4 oz Steak. Please choose from Sirloin, Striploin, or Tenderloin

14.00 AAA Sirloin Tip, 17.00, AAA Striploin, 20.00, AAA Tenderloin Per guest

It’s a Wrap Breakfast

The Canadian, or the Calgary breakfast, but the Eggs and Meat, are in a Tortilla Wrap. Please choose Ham, or Bacon, and it comes with Cheese.

13.00 Per guest

The Tex-Mex Wrap Breakfast

Same as the Wrap, but with mild Salsa added.

13.00 Per guest

The Eggman Cometh

The Canadian breakfast, but in lieu of scrambled Eggs you may choose an Omelet with Cheese, and/or Spinach, and/or Mushrooms, or any other combination you wish. You may choose scrambled Eggs with all the stuff or Frittatas in lieu of the Omelet

14.00 Per guest

The Alpine Breakfast

Assortment of cold Meats, Black Forest Ham, Pastrami, Chicken or Turkey Breast, etc, plus the Continental Deluxe Breakfast.

14.50 Per guest

The Dairy Breakfast

Smoked Salmon and/or smoked Ahi Tuna, your choice of Tuna, Salmon or Egg Salad, with Cream Cheese, and Brie, assorted Bagels, and Croissants and sweet Buns etc, with fresh Fruit, Yogurt and Granola, selection of 2 type’s juices.

17.50 Per guest

The Grab and Run Breakfast

Eggs, fried or scrambled, with BF Ham, and/or Bacon, and/or Cheese, in a fresh Kaiser Bun, English-Muffin, or Wrap. Included are a Hashbrown Paddy, and a whole Fruit. Also included is a choice of an Apple or Orange Juice. This breakfast can be boxed and eaten by hand, or served as a regular breakfast. It is designed for a “GRAB AND RUN “, breakfast choice, or for presentations, with seating, but limited table space.

12.00 Per guest

The Resort Breakfast

Eggs Benedict or

Eggs Benny or

Eggs Florentine, or

Eggs Pacifica or

Eggs Mantane

Served with the “HUNGRY BEAT” breakfast

17.50 Per guest


The Brunch Breakfast

The Resort breakfast with mini Quiches, and other hors d’oeuvres, an international cheese board, plus desserts

20.00 Per guest

Your very own Breakfast

Please inquire about hot beverages, chocolate milk etc. or if you wish to add a fresh fruit tray.

Please ask Beat the Chef for pricing, if you like something else.

For more information, please call “Beat the Chef”.