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Just tell us what your requirements are, or read below.

A Splendid Affair can cater all your beverage needs.   We are fully licensed caterer under the Alberta Liquor & Gaming Commission. We supply a full or partial bar service, that may include the Bartender/s (free with minimum consumption), license, real glassware or disposables, ice, condiments, ice tubs etc.

Splits are priced according to your requirements. We can rent portable bars, tablecloths, and supply non-alcoholic beverages, on your behalf. We can sell by the drink, or you may prefer host bar. Prices will be pre-negotiated, depending of the quality and price of wines etc.

The non-alcoholic beverages (splits), would include premium juices, pop, Pepsi products, unless otherwise specified, ice, and spring water, if required. Splits are priced depending on the event, time of year etc. For example a wedding, including all pop, juice, ice, etc 5.00 per guest for all you need all night. Please note, as we have to have a lot of stock, not knowing what your guests are drinking, any unused, sealed items, are the property of A Splendid Affair Catering.

If we are tending to a full bar, we can provide for basic cocktails such as Caesars, Screwdrivers, etc. Dependant upon numbers and level of service to your guests our pricing varies. We would also arrange for the purchase of all your alcohol, license, and liability insurance etc. Please note, if you use our liqueur license, you must have special liability insurance.

For more info, please call Beat.