How to shop safely in the hot summer and of year round!

About 85 to 90% of food poisoning occur at home, due to old food and fridges that operate in the dangerzone. Most people don’t even have a GOOD easy readable thermometer in their ice box.

Food dangerzone is between 140 and 40 F or 60 to 4 centigrade respectively. If all your fresh food you just purchased is warm, and you put it in the fridge, the last weeks food will get warm for a while and might spoil.
food poisoning occur at home

First Place a small cooler in your car or trunk to bring the meat back.  Go to the store and shop in the following order. Please note the front 1/3rd of the lower shelf needs to stay empty for the fresh meat. You do not want blood on your lettuce.

1.Dry goods, cans coffee, paper products, soap, shampoo etc
2.Vegetables, fruit etc
3.Deli cheese Sushi etc
4. Fresh meat. Place in reserved spot. If you have to many items, go get another cart. I do it all the time, sometimes 4 carts.
5. Dairy and frozen well you are there already
6. Bread pastries etc you don’t want to crush them
7. At the checkout, bread first but leave out of the shopping cart till the end

Then the fresh meat put in reserved spot, then the rest. Put all the fresh meat in the cooler in the car. DO NOT FORGET TO CLEAN THE COOLER FIRST WITH DISH SOAP, RINSE THEN BLEACH. RINSE AND AIR DRY WITH LID OPEN.

Please note, DO NOT mix bleach with antibacterial dish soap, as the 2 chemical neutralize each other.

No go home, do not pass go, do not collect $ 200.00
No drinks with friend right now or get your hair done. This is important get the groceries out of the car and in the fridge or freezer.

Keep it safe.