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Why choose Definitive Aquarium?

Professional - From the moment that we arrive you will notice the difference from our fleet of late model cargo vans, to our friendly, professionally dressed technicians you can rest assured that your home, office and aquarium are in the best of hands. We perform full detailed background checks on our employees and carry full insurance for our clients protection.

Experienced - We constantly train our staff with the both the tried and true methods and the new and developing ideas in order to deliver the best possible experience to our customers. We care for and have installed hundreds of aquarium throughout the Midwest ranging from residential to large scale commercial we have the team and expertise to make your dream aquarium a reality.

Environment- We are constantly active in making and keeping our industry sustainable for generations to come. We actively promote and sell equipment with exceptionally high energy efficiency ratings - recently reducing a commercial customer's energy consumption to 1/3 of previous consumption! We take part and actively promote the proper handling and capture of fish, invertebrates and corals, including accepting unwanted / oversized fish for re-homing.

Advancing - We are constantly working to deliver an even better experience for our customers most recently launching our online billing portal and online scheduling we are the only company in the Twin Cities to offer these simple luxuries.

We guarantee your satisfaction!

Services We Offer

Aquariums are window into a carefully balanced fragile eco system supporting miraculous creatures some visible to the naked and and some that most will never even know were there. With proper care these beautiful creatures excel and provide years of learning and love. We offer pacakages from handing just the basics - all the way to the most extensive care packages available in the Twin Ciites.

Aquarium maintenance includes:

- Clean all interior & exterior surfaces and accessories (glass/acrylic, trim/woodwork, lights, lids, automatic feeders, etc)
- Hydro-vac gravel / substrate (15% minimum water change 30% average)
- Check / replace chemical filtration media ( i.e. carbon, phosphate remover, etc)
- Check / clean additional equipment ( UV sterilizer, protein skimmer, etc)
- Replace broken / worn parts (when required)
- Check water quality (salinity, TDS, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, etc)
- Clean / exchange aqua-scape materials (plants, rocks, coral, decorative accessories, etc)
- Fill aquarium & automatic top off reservoir
- Replace airstones
- Refill automatic feeder
- Visual health and stock check

We service aquariums (marine & freshwater), lobster tanks, koi ponds and water features from betta bowls to 150,000+ gallons. Our normal service territory is the entire Twin Cities metro area, for additonal service areas or a referral please contact us today.

Acrylic Scratch Removal / Restoration -
Whether your aquarium has a scratch inside or out above water or below we can remove and it and restore it to its orginal beauty. Our restoration services can remove scratching, crazing, repair bonds, cracks and chips and bring your aquarium back to life!

Problematic Systems & Disease Diagnosis
When the problems aquarium never seems to have a solution or when the fish arent quite swimming the way they should we have the answers you need when you need them. We offer on site visits to help diagnois problems and set you on a track to correcting them.

Supplies Delivery & Installation
We stock a full line of aquarium supplies - from over 30 varities of frozen fish food and salt to skimmers, pumps, and lighting - we have what your aquarium needs and deliver and deliver and install them.

Vacation Care Services (VCS)
We offer state of the art holding facilities if treatment is not working at your location. When in doubt call earlier then later.

Even More Services We Offer

Has your business been considering an aquarium but dont want all the expense? We can help with a small down payment and low all inclusive payments we put a slice of the ocean within reach. Lease your way to a new aquarium today!

Ready to really make a splash at an upcoming trade show, exhibit or event? Customers agree - an aquarium is the way to make your booth or event the one that everyones still talking about the next year! We have systems for rent from 40 gallons to several thousands - freshwater, marine, sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, etc.

Emergency Service
Whether a pump fails, the power goes out, or water damage has occured our technicians are standing by 24/7/365 for immeadiate recovery.

The Simply Unmatched Definitive Guarantee

Livestock - We quarantine all of your fish before they are delivered to your aquarium. This allows us to ensure the your fish are in the best health and disease free. We guarantee all of our fish and livestock for 30 DAYS from the day we put them in your aquarium.*

Maintenance Services - We offer a 48 hour guarantee on all maintenance services! If our performance wasn't up to par please let us know, and we will fix the problem as soon as possible for FREE.**

New Equipment & New Installations - We guarantee all equipment & systems that we sell and install for six (6) months from the date that we install the equipment and/or system. If any part fails on the system we will repair it at no cost!*** 100%

Satisfaction Guarantee - We want you to be completely happy with the products and services that you recieve from us. If for any reason you are unhappy with the products we will work with you to correct the problem in a timely manner.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction 100%

* This offer is only for Premium & Choice package customers. Offer is void if obvious neglect is visible. ** Notification within 48 hours is required to qualify. *** Excludes, lights, lamps, & ballasts. In all cases we reserve the right to repair or replace defective mechandise at our discression. Livestock replaced at Definitive Aquariums discression.

what our customers are saying.

"Our aquariums have never looked so great! And if there ever is a problem the phone ALWAYS gets answered."
-Chris R.

"Our aquarium used to be a complete headache, now its looking great and we finally have someone reliable to care for our aquariums"
-Brian M.