Calgary Ideas for your Holidays. This is for everyone.

We are lucky , truly blessed that we live in a beautiful city like Calgary Alberta Canada and we can celebrate any festivities, regardless of faith. If you look around the world right now that is in the case. And so at this time of year, we truly give thanks to whoever we give thanks to, including our friends and family neighbours and our beautiful city and country of Canada.

If it is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or Ramadan, we can share our food with little extra effort.

Calgary holiday catering


Calgary holiday catering

If you have friends who are:

Reform Kosher: ( NOT Orthodox as different rules apply)

Turkey is fine, but in lieu of ham, use Pastrami or Corned beef. It is like a ham but made with beef.

You CANNOT mix meat and dairy products like cream, milk butter etc. So roasted potatoes in lieu of mashed is great

All veggies are fine.

Desserts are fine. If you use cream, have stuff without like pie, cookies, fresh fruit etc.

Dairy meal :

You can serve fish, provided it has scales and a dorsal fin. Salmon, Trout, etc are a great choice and available year round. Gefilte fish is always popular. Anything with cheese, cream cheese, eggs, any fruit and vegetables work great. Try to make a Kugel, savoury, or sweet for dessert.

Gelt means money. In this case, foil wrapped chocolate coins are great, Most chocolate has some milk and cannot be eaten with meat.


Easy, fish, fried chicken, fresh veggies, legumes, and a lot of fresh fruit. Wear something colourful or even better a Kafkan.

Ramadan, for you Muslim friends:

The only care you have to take is the meat. Just follow these steps:

Buy Halal meat chicken, beef, lamb, goat etc, available in a lot of stores, like Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws etc. they have separate sections in the cooler and freezer. Yes they have chicken fingers and pizza.
Cut the meat first on a clean cutting board if needed, before the regular meat.
Cook in a separate pan or pot, use separate utensils for this.
Serve in a separate dish, and let the other guests know not to take it.
Here is a rule that always worked for me. First time around for the Muslims 2nd time it is free for all.
OR buy all Halal meats, the price difference is minimal. However, beef is not readily graded like AA or AAA beef.
Halal meat is blessed before killed in a special way. Even so Kosher meat is killed in a similar fashion, there are a lot more steps to make it Kosher.

So let,s celebrate each others tradition and share the holidays with each other. This is a social event and makes for a more fulfilled life. I enjoyed all of these events with friends, even East Indian Holi. I call it the social experience in my life.

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